Subject [IBO] Re: Fw: Keylinks questions
Author tvorenkamp
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> In the dataset objects:
> Change Open to First
> Use Next to step through the rows

A few more questions Helen,
Probably I can use ApiFirst ApiNext, as there is no GUI ?

In the case that there are many TIB_Cursors in the application (1 for
every database table which counts up to ~ 100 per application)
should I close or unprepare after getting in the resultset ?
What is for the TIB_Cursor the difference between close and unprepare
anyway ?
Or would it be better to let the cursor stay open until the next
request and unprepare only if the SQL differs
If the SQL is equal at the new request you would thus gain
the "prepare time", but maybe this is very small anyway ?
Isn't the prepare time the time needed for the server to compile the
But perhaps the compiled SQL is cached by Interbase/Firebird ?
And therefore the time difference is only noticable the first time
that you prepare a SQL statement ?
On the other hand, letting many TIB_Cursors stay open would spoil a
lot of memory and IB server recources ?

best regards