Subject Fw: Keylinks questions
Author Tanno Vorenkamp by way of Helen Borrie
I am trying to post a message to the list already for two days without
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Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 9:37 AM
Subject: Keylinks questions

> Hi all,
> The keylinks functionality in the TIB_Query component is not very well
> explained
> It seems to me that this functionality is only of interest for
> client-applications
> In my case (a web (server)-application) I always need to get in the
> resultset
> Also I do not connect the TIB_Query to any datasource / grid or other
> component
> for presentation of data.
> Therefore I would think that I do not need at all the keylinks
> functionality, is that correct ?
> Could someone tell me how the keylinks functionality can be disabled
> completely ?
> That is: which properties should be set to what ?
> In the help file I read
> - with "FetchWholeRows := False" the buffer is split (keys and remaining
> whole record buffer)
> and three cursors are used internally by TIB_Query
> I got the impression that in this situation the keylinks are used
> - with "FetchWholeRows := True" one cursor is used internally by TIB_Query
> and the query is processed like the Delphi TQuery without splitting the
> buffer
> From this I got the impression that with "FetchWholeRows := True" the
> keylinks
> functionality is disabled
> However, after setting FetchWholeRows := True I still get keylinks errors
> my queries
> (By the way: i'm still using version 3.4c for this application)
> any help appreciated
> Tanno