Subject Re: [IBO] new TIB_Datasource component editor (was: IBO shortcuts)
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Norman / Geoff / all,

i gave the editor another round, providing the possibility
to create *any* kind of control by using a Factory
pattern (or call it a plugin...)

Geoff, i put in an example that shows how you could
add support for your Enh* controls (i don't have
them so i can't test it / do it myself...).
It would still be interesting so see how Ales did it,
so pls send me the code so i can take a look.

(Actually while i was at it i extended the thing so
you can now create TIB_Edits,-Comboboxes,-Images,-Dates,
-Datetimepickers,-Currencies plus whatever else i
found in IB_Controls :-)

pick up the new version from:

Norman Dunbar wrote:
> Morning Frank,
> very nice - and soooo useful. Unfortunately, it only works in Delphi setups.
> For some reason, Borland have renamed the components on the samples page to
> TCxxxx, so the TSpinEdit you are using has been renamed TCSpinEdit under BCB
> 6 Professional.
> It's an easy fix to rename the components for BCB usage, but that breaks the
> Delphi code - so I/we need two different copies of the source. I wonder why
> Borland did this - it must have broken a few apps. Strange.

hmm - indeed strange. nevermind, i followed Lester's
suggestion and now use XSpinEdits instead, problem

> Cheers,
> Norman.
> PS. I've never written a component editor before, but your example shows how
> 'easy' it can be. Thanks.

yeah, once you have a working example it's really quite
straightforward ;-)

P.S. you wrote "Had to do the usual Designide and PFLAGS stuff"
could you tell me what exactly you had to do? (note i don't have
BCB, but maybe i can put in some IFDEFs so it'll compile straight