Subject bugs on TIB_lookupcombo?
Author james_027
bugs on TIB_lookupcombo?

I have read the tutorial of setting up a TIB_lookupcombo from, where his setups goes like this ...

customer: Tquery
select name, (select description from customertype d
where d.type = m.type) as type_desc,
tel, address
from customer m

column attributes property


type: Tquery
select * from type

keysoucr property

key links property
type.type = customer.type

keydesclinks property

my question is this. I have my sql statement for the cutomer:tquery
is "select * from "customer" without the inline select or subselect
statement (correct me if am wrong with the term I use.). And for the
type:tquery I have the same sql statement but I didn't define the
keydesclinks property and it seem to work well.

Will I be encountering any problem? or it is most advisable to follow
the steps statement in your tutorial.