Subject Re: [IBO] bugs on TIB_lookupcombo?
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:47 AM 10/06/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>bugs on TIB_lookupcombo?
>I have read the tutorial of setting up a TIB_lookupcombo from
>, where his setups goes like this ...
>customer: Tquery <-- you mean TIB_Query, right?

>select name, (select description from customertype d
> where d.type = m.type) as type_desc,
> tel, address
>from customer m
>column attributes property
>type: Tquery
>select * from type
>keysoucr property
>key links property
>type.type = customer.type
>keydesclinks property
>my question is this. I have my sql statement for the cutomer:tquery
>is "select * from "customer" without the inline select or subselect
>statement (correct me if am wrong with the term I use.). And for the
>type:tquery I have the same sql statement but I didn't define the
>keydesclinks property and it seem to work well.
>Will I be encountering any problem? or it is most advisable to follow
>the steps statement in your tutorial.

You only need KeyDescLinks if you need to match up the description in the
ib_lookupcombo's drop-down list with an "inline query", as you call it,
i.e. the expression output that you display in your parent table instead of
the key that points to the current row in the lookup table. Its mechanism
allows this computed description column to be brought into sync with the
new lookup row that the key points to, if the lookup key is changed.

So - if you aren't using that, then you don't need any KeyDescLinks.