Subject Re: [IBO] Re: TIB_Grid refresh problem(?)
Author Ulrich
Hello Marco,

> Seems a typical problem of KeyLinks not defined. IBO must be able to
> uniquely identify every record of your select, that can be done
> automatically in many cases, but must be set explicitly in others. So
> have a look at IB_Query keylinks property and provide the field names
> that you know will uniquely identify the record.
> Another problem could be that your primary key is a field set using
> generator, and you don't use the GeneratorLinks, or your before insert
> trigger sets the field even if not null (so client sets it to, i.e.,
> 1245, then the trigger sets it to 1246 and the clinet is no more able
> to locate it)
> regards
> Marco Menardi

it was the "another problem" ;-) I generate the primary index of the detail
table with a FB-generator. After defining the GeneratorLinks property it

Thanks a lot!

regards - Ulrich Groffy