Subject Re: [IBO] BUG using TIBOQuery and dblookupcombobox or dblookuplist
Author achidan
Hi Marco

Today I got the same problem in Delphi and I guess I found the reason
for it, which is VCL related:

the ComboBox is setting the value in a way
Field.Value = NewValue
setting it as a variant.

In unit DB in TLargeIntField.SetAsLargeInt the code is
instead of

I guess it's a left over in the VCL from the time when Variant where
not able to deal with Int64!

I guess that C++ Builder has similar problem.


> > Hello All,
> > I found this bug, but I don't know if it's related to IBO or to
> standard
> > DB-Aware Lookup Components from the VCL.
> > Simply if I use as DataSource and DataField a column declared
> NUMERIC(18,0)
> > it doesn't do the lookup.
> >