Subject confused in search feature.
Author Ka Chun, Cheng
I want to make it this way......
a page control with 3 page, a edit box page, GRID browse page and a search
in the search page, I want to have some textbox for use with the search.
the IB_SearchEdit don't have a datafield property, the IB_SearchPanel is
too(?!) automatic, I don't know what's going on...
seems this library is quite more advanced then i thought.

I want to know...
what's the method/property to apply/reset the search?
which component should I use, except the IB_SearchPanel for a search
parameter entry? because I to do something lookup before the search. e.g. do
a lookup Country, display Hong Kong, dataset store 852(hk country code). in
my traditional way of thinking, I must do the lookup myself, then apply the
lookup result to the search SQL then requery...

thanks in advance.