Subject Re: [IBO] confused in search feature.
Author Tiberiu Atudorei
On Wednesday 04 June 2003 18:14, Ka Chun, Cheng wrote:
> I want to make it this way......
> a page control with 3 page, a edit box page, GRID browse page and a search
> page.
> in the search page, I want to have some textbox for use with the search.
> the IB_SearchEdit don't have a datafield property, the IB_SearchPanel is
> too(?!) automatic, I don't know what's going on...
> seems this library is quite more advanced then i thought.

Just use a normal TIB_Edit for search with datasource property the same as
the normal edit TIB_Edit and change from program the tab page and
data source state accordingly (i.e. is TIB_Datasource.State=dssSearch
then set the page index from page control to the search page AND
if you change the page index to search change the state of datasource
to dssSearch...use the On... events.

> I want to know...
> what's the method/property to apply/reset the search?

Use the same TIB_UpdateBar with post/cancel buttons.

> which component should I use, except the IB_SearchPanel for a search
> parameter entry? because I to do something lookup before the search. e.g.
TIB_Edit, TIB_Currency, and so on..