Subject TIB_Grid refresh problem(?)
Author Ulrich

I have defined a master - detail relation between two TIB_Querys where I
manage the data input for the detail table with a TIB_Grid and
TIB_UpdateBar. There are error messages "record not found" when I do the
following :

-append a record, make my data inputs
-post it by pressing the post button of TIB_UpdateBar
-go to another record by clicking into a different grid row
-go back to the last inserted record and try to change a data column.
-press post

error message "record not found"

if I press the refresh button of TIB_UpdateBar, all is working fine.

Seems to be a refresh problem in TIB_Query/TIB_Grid. What can I do? Is there
a property I don't see?