Subject Re: TIB_Grid refresh problem(?)
Author Marco Menardi
Seems a typical problem of KeyLinks not defined. IBO must be able to
uniquely identify every record of your select, that can be done
automatically in many cases, but must be set explicitly in others. So
have a look at IB_Query keylinks property and provide the field names
that you know will uniquely identify the record.
Another problem could be that your primary key is a field set using
generator, and you don't use the GeneratorLinks, or your before insert
trigger sets the field even if not null (so client sets it to, i.e.,
1245, then the trigger sets it to 1246 and the clinet is no more able
to locate it)
Marco Menardi

--- In, "Ulrich" <ulrich.groffy@t...> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have defined a master - detail relation between two TIB_Querys where I
> manage the data input for the detail table with a TIB_Grid and
> TIB_UpdateBar. There are error messages "record not found" when I do the
> following :
> -append a record, make my data inputs
> -post it by pressing the post button of TIB_UpdateBar
> -go to another record by clicking into a different grid row
> -go back to the last inserted record and try to change a data column.
> -press post
> error message "record not found"
> if I press the refresh button of TIB_UpdateBar, all is working fine.
> Seems to be a refresh problem in TIB_Query/TIB_Grid. What can I do?
Is there
> a property I don't see?
> Ulrich