Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Edit Height problem again
Author Paul Hope

I had a reply from Jason - saying that he wasn't sure how to solve it - so
as far as I know it is towards the bottom of a pile of things to do ;-/

I had a quick look at the source but couldn't quite follow it. It appeared
to me that it always does a get metrics and resizes the control according to
the font with no facility to override this if it has been set manually.

Maybe someone else feels brave enough to have a look ;-)


> Hi All,
> Anyone have decision of inveteracy problem of TIB_Edit?
> I'm talk about TIB_Edit Height problem.
> Here extract from old messages of IB Objects support list:
> "...
> look at the problem with
> the changing height of TIB_Edit (and other controls)
> during runtime vs edit time?
> (Set to 18 height at desingtime and switches to
> 20 during runtime. Even when constraints set in design)
> ...." by Steve Fields, Jul 18, 2001
> "...
> I set my IB_Edit height to 17 and Autosize to false. They stay like
> in
> the IDE but appear as 19 high when the app runs? Is this a bug or can I
> control it?
> ..." by Paul Hope, Aug 6, 2002
> Or I miss something and this explicit problem was fixed?
> Any help appreciated.
> With best regards,
> Ramil Khabibullin
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