Subject Re: [IBO] FIRST Prob with patch Id?
Author Lester Caine
> I'll get a sub-release up as soon as I get my machine back on-line. My son
> of 16 months decided to try his hand at PC configuration and fried my
> mainboard and memory modules with a screwdriver.

A bit more drastic than my problems - a rabbit who likes to
chew mains cables - preferably live ones - He stays in his
hutch now <g>

> I had the case off cause I
> was upgrading my video to pump 1600x1200 digital DVI to my 21" flat panel.
> Talk about a crisp screen that's easy on the eyes.

Lucky sod. I've only got 17", but then two of them with
1280x1024 ...

> Unfortunately, the video
> board doesn't work with my system so I'm back to analog for now until I can
> find a video board that can do this. If anyone cares to recommend one I'm
> all ears.

Matrox G550? I think that is what is in here. DVI on one
output, and analogue on the second screen. You can use your
old monitor as well then <s>.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services