Subject Re: [IBO] FIRST Prob with patch Id?
Author Jason Wharton
I'll get a sub-release up as soon as I get my machine back on-line. My son
of 16 months decided to try his hand at PC configuration and fried my
mainboard and memory modules with a screwdriver. I had the case off cause I
was upgrading my video to pump 1600x1200 digital DVI to my 21" flat panel.
Talk about a crisp screen that's easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, the video
board doesn't work with my system so I'm back to analog for now until I can
find a video board that can do this. If anyone cares to recommend one I'm
all ears. BTW, HP support is awesome. They gave me immediate attention over
an active chat on the web and we found out what all was broken and now they
are doing next day delivery with the parts with a pre-paid label to ship the
broken stuff back to them. I'll have my machine back up by tomorrow.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Computer Programming Solutions
Mesa Arizona

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Subject: Re: [IBO] FIRST Prob with patch Id?

> At 01:45 AM 27/04/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> >BCB5/IBO4.2.Id
> >Anybody else had a problem with patch Id?
> >I get the following in the monitor now when I edit a record, and I
> >think it's in the **IBO-generated** SQL below. My table has a
> >FIRSTNAME field, and going back to Ib it works fine, with no sign of
> >this select.
> Yep, it's a bug in the patch code. Thanks to some good work by Daniel
> Rail, another patch is on the way. I'm checking through it today and, so
> far, it looks good.
> regards,
> Helen