Subject RE: [IBO] problem with FB1.5 and external files
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> I am not sure which news group to post this to, and can only get into
> this one (our firewall doesn't allow me mail to the atkins ones).
> (blush, sorry). ...but I am posting here as I know the best people
> hang out here.

Yes, it is off-topic here, and this might be useful:

You do not have to use the Atkin News-Server for posting messages.
Sending an email using the subscribed email address will do the
job too.

> I am moving from FB 1.0 to FB 1.5
> I have a db with external files. I backup in FB1.0, install FB1.5 and
> then can't restore. Gives error on the external file. I test with an
> existing FB1.5 db, and it won't let me create an external file.
> Does FB 1.5 not support external files, is this a bug, or am I doing
> things wrong?

In FB 1.5 RC1 there is already some security related work included,
and yes, external files was one area.

Check out the ExternalFileAccess parameter in firebird.conf (in the
root directory of your Firebird installation).

Thomas Steinmaurer