Subject Re: [IBO] Using IBO3 and IBO4 concurrently under D4
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:45 PM 27/04/2003 +1000, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I have several projects which must (for the moment) be supported under IBO
>V3 as well as a requirement to port projects to IBO V4. Can someone
>suggest how I could manage this?
>Am I missing a document describing V3 -> V4 changes and porting issues?
>I am prepared to port all projects, but would require some assurance that
>major breakages would not occur :))

Not sure what you are expecting re "concurrent" (in your topic
Subject). IBO 3 and IBO 4 are completely distinct versions. To maintain a
single base of sourcecode compilable with either will require the addition
of conditional defines.

Use the IBO 4 release notes (starting at the END) a guide to what to look
for with the major changes. Also read Jason's introductory notes by
clicking on the words "Latest Release" at the top of the main web page.

Two "biggies" to watch out for are the shift to using IInterface internally
in the implementation of the native IBO controls - this will affect any
descendant controls you might have built on the IBO3 hierarchy. Another is
in the handling and storage of passwords - this is a complete change that
is not compatible with IBO3. Particularly, see the PasswordStorage
property and fill in your understanding by visiting the online FAQ.

Another is that, if you are using the TIBODataset components, the
IBDataset.pas unit was renamed to IBODataset.pas.

Also, if you were using Geoff's Enhanced controls, these became a separate
product in IBO4.

I recommend tracking right through the releasenotes from finish to start :-)).