Subject Re: [IBO] Using IBO3 and IBO4 concurrently under D4
Author John Peterson
Thanks Helean and Lester,
I'll go to it :)))
> >I have several projects which must (for the moment) be supported under
> >V3 as well as a requirement to port projects to IBO V4. Can someone
> >suggest how I could manage this?
> >
> >Am I missing a document describing V3 -> V4 changes and porting issues?
> >
> >I am prepared to port all projects, but would require some assurance that
> >major breakages would not occur :))
> Not sure what you are expecting re "concurrent" (in your topic
> Subject). IBO 3 and IBO 4 are completely distinct versions. To maintain
> single base of sourcecode compilable with either will require the addition
> of conditional defines.
Opening a Project with IBO3, edit, compile. Later an IOB4 project........a
big ask, I know, but Lester has a reasonable solution. I'll investigate