Subject Re: [ib-support] Using IBO3 and IBO4 concurrently under D4
Author Lester Caine
( Didn't notice the group we were in <g> so reposted here )

> I have several projects which must (for the moment) be supported under IBO V3 as well as a requirement to port projects to IBO V4. Can someone suggest how I could manage this?

I have the same problem in Builder5. What I have done is
created two register entries for the Builder5 'defaults'.
One the original IBO3 settings and one the IBO4 setings.
Then I select ( rename ) the correct set back to [5.0]
before starting Builder

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Borland] should have a similar
Delphi key.

> Am I missing a document describing V3 -> V4 changes and porting issues?

I have a lot of notes, but never got round to putting them
together as a user guide. Some rough notes at the bottom of
the release notes (ReleaseNotes.rtf)

> I am prepared to port all projects, but would require some assurance that major breakages would not occur :))

Most of my problems were simply sloppy programming in the
IBO3 set. It has not been too difficult switching over, main
problem was just switching the IBDataset stuff to
IBODataset, should be last paragraph of ReleaseNotess.

Anything particular that pops up, just shout and I am sure
someone will remember how to 'fix it'.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services