Subject Re: [IBO] Re: TIBODatabase.Open long delays
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:22 PM 24/04/2003 +0000, you wrote:

>wouldn't system restore only cause delays when a daily restore point
>is being made? i get this problem most times i run my app so system
>restore doesnt seem to be the problem.
>i'm starting to wonder if it's something to do with the delphi
>debugger - i'm not sure but i dont recall seeing this when running
>the app outside delphi. I'm using delphi6 with firebird BTW.
>I also saw references to System File Protection, but couldn't find
>any articles on the effects or solution wiht SFP, just lots of
>articles on system restore.
>i'll try testing with/without the debugger and see where that gets
>me. any other ideas would be welcome.

I notice that you are referring to the 'Open' call of TIBODatabase...this
is a legacy from the VCL, which might well involve a lot more "noise" in
the connection event than necessary, because of its generic character.

Would you like to try calling Connect instead, and report back on the
result. It's a good precaution always to test first whether it is already
connected, too:

if not MyIBODatabase.Connected then

After that, explicitly open the datasets which you need to have
open: avoid using the ib_SessionProps property StoreActive, because this
is *very* noisy, especially for big datasets.

Hmm, and don't overlook the golden rule of *NOT* opening large,
unrestricted datasets at all.