Subject Re: TIBODatabase.Open long delays
Author eamonnm2002
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 06:03 PM 17/04/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> >dont really know where to start with this one, hope someone can
> >help. most of the time when my program does a TIBODatabase.Open,
> >the datbase is opened instantly, but sometimes it takes much
longer -
> > around 35 seconds - and makes XP unresponsive while it waits.
> >
> >Has anyone else seen this? you might be able to point me in the
> >right direction.
> >
> >I'm fairly sure that this only happens in one of my apps (i have
> >several that all work together), so i must be doing something
> >though they all seem to use the DB the same way - in fact they all
> >share the saem DataModule.
> Are you aware of the SystemRestore problem with IB or Firebird on
an XP server?
> Helen

Thanks for making me aware of that (thanks also to jason). I have
system restore disabled on my development drive now - i did notice
once in the past it restored an old version of a database - very

wouldn't system restore only cause delays when a daily restore point
is being made? i get this problem most times i run my app so system
restore doesnt seem to be the problem.

i'm starting to wonder if it's something to do with the delphi
debugger - i'm not sure but i dont recall seeing this when running
the app outside delphi. I'm using delphi6 with firebird BTW.

I also saw references to System File Protection, but couldn't find
any articles on the effects or solution wiht SFP, just lots of
articles on system restore.

i'll try testing with/without the debugger and see where that gets
me. any other ideas would be welcome.