Subject Re: [IBO] Share a database connection
Author Cédric JOUBERT
Ok thanks
Cédric Joubert
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From: Lester Caine
Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2003 12:04 PM
Subject: Re: [IBO] Share a database connection

> Since we are Interbase 4.2 Users, we were using the 3 free users to share our connexion database (we have only 1 database).
> We have 3 different applications which share the same connection to our Interbase Database.
> So my questions are :
> I heard that with IB 7.0 (and since the version 6.0), it is possible to share a database connection between many different applications.
> Is it really possible and how it works ?
> Is it for this reason the IB4.2 free users have been deleted in next versions ?

You may get an answer on ib-support. Not sure that many of
us using IBOjects also have the money for Interbase, when
Firebird is available free. No licence restrictions at all.

Lester Caine