Subject Suggestion For Next Subrelease
Author Rade Vojvodic
Hi all,

In my opinion structure of the files needs some changes. All compiled units
need to be separated from source units because if you compile your project
you won't compile IBO units again and again. So i suggest that Jason should
add Library folder in the current structure and set Unit uotput directory to
.\Library. Building your own project is much faster this way. Another reason
is that you are able to change Login dialog form (for example) and to put it
to Library folder so next subrelease wouldn't overwrite it with the default
one. The same is with IB_Constants unit etc.

Has anyoune worked with JEDI components. I saw that they made some
installation batch file. Is it possible to make similar for IBO.

Rade Vojvodic
Development and Employment Foundation
Republika Srpska