Subject Re: RAVE Reports via IBObjects?
Author mikesthbris
Nevrona have released "datalinks" for IBO. I have used these with
success in D5/Ibo/Firebird with Rave4 and produced very complex

I have now upgraded to D7 and have a registered version of Rave5.
With limited testing the upgrade appears to be O.K. but I admit I
have not yet tried anything complex. No reason to doubt that it
works however.

In my experience there is a steep learning curve because Rave
approaches Reportwriting much differently to the usual Band approach.

For me the learning curve has been worth the effort.

Suggest you contact Nevrona and ask for their IBO datalinks.

Mike Hickman

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<pstephen@m...> wrote:
> I am currently using Delphi 5, and reporting works fine via Quick
> Will D7/Rave Reports work against Firbird?
> TIA - Phil