Subject Newbie - TIB_ColumnMemo, blobs and character sets
Author ericthorniley
I've been have problems trying to get transliteration to happen when
reading or writing to a blob. I now understand that it is different
to a VARCHAR which does it automatically in that you have to tell
the database that you want to use filters when the low-level part of
the system calls isc_create_blob2() or isc_open_blob2().

I was using IBExpress - and I can see from the code that this does
not provide any way to set the required parameters. It is actually
very difficult for a component writer to do this because you may
need to set the parameters to match a reponse you have not yet
received from opening the blob. However, the glowing reports of IBO
suggested that if it was possible, this was where to look.

So I turned to IBO and converted my app last night. I was hoping
that there would be some way that I could tell the system that a
column was a text blob by using TIB_ColumnMemo, and that (probably
by magic) it would all work. However, I can't see a method to warn
the system that a column is a text blob in advance, nor can I see
any way to tell a TIB_ColumnMemo about required filter operations.

I think I may have been looking for the impossible. Can anyone
confirm that?

Thanks in advance.