Subject RE: [IBO] Roles & Permissions
Author Alan McDonald
thanks for some clues to chase...
No matter what I try, I can see that in
procedure TIB_Statement.SysExecPrepare;
in IBA_Statement.IMP
the UPDATE SQL statement for the query in question gets (tries to get)
prepared. This is where the exception is raised. Setting the transaction to
readonly and or the query itself to read only does not change the fact that
the attempt to prepare the Update statement is made and the exception

Now, there are lookup combo's attached to this query with the appropriate
keylinks set to enable editing by the editing role (or normal application
When you say "how about the KeySource-Lookup relations "
what do you mean? Is there some adjustment I need to make to this relation
when requiring no editing?


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Subject: RE: [IBO] Roles & Permissions

Hello Alan,

> just tried your settings and it still gives me the exception - can;t
> figure this out

And how about the KeySource-Lookup relations and/or explicit Edit-,
Delete- or InsertSQLs?

If that doesn't cause the problem, I have no idea. I would then
probably step through the code in the debugger to see where exactly
the first error occurs (and at that point: watch/inspect the query's
SQL, ClientSQL and ServerSQL).

And if that still doesn't give you a clue: drop a Monitor on a form
and feed a Memo from it. See what goes across the wire and where it
goes wrong.

And if THAT doesn't work either: create a test project and build up
the same (kind of) queries as in the other app, one by one.

There _must_ be something in your app that "tries to write" when the
queries are prepared or opened. Maybe something in a long forgotten
handler you wrote... or maybe something internal to IBO that's
triggered by some setting or piece of code...

All I can tell from my own experience is that "under normal
circumstances" select-only roles shouldn't give you any headaches in
IBO (as long as you don't try to post changes), nor do they require
any extravagant property settings.


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