Subject RE: [IBO] Problem with IB_LookupCombo
Author Norman Dunbar
Sorry Christoph,

I'm sending this again on the grounds that I was completely confused (or
drunk) when I sent the previous version! At least I did say that they were
*rough* notes. Thank goodness Helen is asleep or I'd be in serious trouble
by now :o)

Black colour sounds like you have not opened the query/cursor associated
with the dropdown. However, if this is not the case, then here are some
rough notes from a little project of mine :

A TIB_Query to select the code field and the description field from the
appropriate table, ordered as desired. Call it qryLookup, set the SQL to
'select code_field, description_field from lookup_table order by
description_field'. Add a TIB_DataSource (not dataset as I originally said)
named dsLookup and link the two together using the data source's dataset

Set the TIB_LookupCombo's DataSource field to the above data source

Set the KeySource property on qryLookup to the 'main' query's data source -
the one which has a code field for which you wish to show the description.
(dsMain in my case).

Set the KeyLinksAutoDefine property to false on the query above (qryLookup).

Set the KeyLinks property to the correct setting which needs to be
'lookup_table.primary_key=main_table.code_field' and there should be no
spaces between the equal (=) sign and every thing else.

Optionally set the code field to non-visible in qryLookup's FieldsVisible

Open the lookup dataset when the form is being shown for the first time.

[Optionally] refresh it as and when required.

Close & unprepare it when the form is closed.

The above works for me - provided I remember to specify the keylinks using
table and column names and NOT query names, and that I remember to open the
qryLookup as well :o)



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