Subject Problem with IB_LookupCombo
Author Christoph
I am having trouble getting an IB_LookupCombo to work.

Is the "Thinking About Links" section of the GSG the right place to look?

I have got a form that has some controls linked to a TIB_Datasource
that is linked to a TIB_Query and everything works fine.

I then add another datasource and query for the lookup and change the
keylinks property in the query to something like

I then set the datasource of the lookup combo to the lookup ds, the
display field to the second column in the lookup query, and the
keysource on the lookup query to be the datasource of the orignal query.

When I run it I can still browse the main query ok but the lookup
combo is black and if I drop it down the dropdown is only a couple of
pixles high.

Can somebody help me please? I am using Delphi 7 pro and IBObjects
4.2.Ib on Windows XP connecting to Firebird 1.