Subject Mixed case table & field names.
Author gerardusmercator
Hi all.

I'm trying to write an IBO broker for Instant Objects (see Instant Objects brokers take care of interfacing the
persistence layer with any particular DB. I have one almost working,
but only if I let Interbase create the tables using upper case names
for the tables and the fields.
(e.g. Table Contact becomes CONTACT and field Contact.Name becomes
If I use the provided IBX broker, it creates tables with mixed case
names for both the table and the fields. (e.g. Contact.Name -> CREATE
TABLE "Contact" ("Name" varchar(50)...)
What I would like is to have case sensitive field names using IBO so I
can test my IBO broker using an Interbase DB that is already in
production and was created with the original IBX broker.
So far, by overriding the CreateTable method of the TIBOTable
component, I'm able to create the DB in that way.
But when trying to retrieve data, it doesn't work. After debugging a
little, it seems that the underlying native IBO components set all the
field names to upper case in their internal SQL.
Does anyone know a way to access a DB that has mixed case field names?
Btw, I'm using the TDataset IBO components (ver 4.2i).

Thanks in advance.

Gerard Visent.