Subject Re: [IBO] Entry to security file
Author tkhpeter
Thanks Paul,

I managed to add a new user using the method you describe. I'll just
need one more advice from you. How do I query the security database
to make sure that this new user doesn't assist before I add it using
the method describe below?

Thanks again,
Peter Tan

--- In, Paul Vinkenoog <paul@v...> wrote:
> Hello tkhpeter,
> > I want to add a new user to the IB security database, ISC4.GDB. I
> > understand that I can do this using IBO but I don't know how. Can
> > someone please tell me which component to use and what entries I
> > need to make. I am using D7 with IB6/FB1.02.
> You can connect directly to ISC4.GDB (see Helen's reply) but in
> general it's safer not to do that unless it's really necessary and
> know what you are doing. In IBO, you can use
> to manage users. Set Username + Password of the TIB_Connection to
> SYSDBA and his/her password, and call like this:
> MyConnection.AlterUser( uaAddUser, 'danny', 'sekrit',
> '', 'Danny', 'E.', 'Williams' ) ;
> See the IBO help for more explanation.
> Greetings,
> Paul Vinkenoog