Subject Re: [IBO] Entry to security file
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello tkhpeter,

> I want to add a new user to the IB security database, ISC4.GDB. I
> understand that I can do this using IBO but I don't know how. Can
> someone please tell me which component to use and what entries I
> need to make. I am using D7 with IB6/FB1.02.

You can connect directly to ISC4.GDB (see Helen's reply) but in
general it's safer not to do that unless it's really necessary and you
know what you are doing. In IBO, you can use TIB_Connection.AlterUser
to manage users. Set Username + Password of the TIB_Connection to
SYSDBA and his/her password, and call like this:

MyConnection.AlterUser( uaAddUser, 'danny', 'sekrit',
'', 'Danny', 'E.', 'Williams' ) ;

See the IBO help for more explanation.

Paul Vinkenoog