Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: [IBO] FBServer has a GPFault (Whats wrong with my code)
>If you use TIB_Connection, you don't get any of the properties from the
>TDatabase/TDataset architecture. I have no way of telling whether this
>matters in your conditions. As I've said before, you *can* do hybrids,
>where there's need for it. But, for an IBO "newbie" who's still thinking
>in the TDatabase/TDataset mode, I'd suggest sticking with the familiar and
>using TIBODatabase, which also gives you TIB_Connection and the ability to
>use explicit transactions (TIBOTransaction).


I will try to get my head around this. Will take me some time obviously.
Just curious but why do you say TDataset/TDataset instead of just TDataset.

Anyway except for FBServer dying on me, the application is working fine, with roughly 300 users at various locations, they have been using it for around 4 months and they are happy so far.

So hopefully I have not hit any of the other bumps which come from using a hybrid architecture.

Well since I am bootstrapping on Delphi as well, BDE is just as familiar / unfamiliar as IBO<g>

Wish me luck