Subject RE: [IBO] Update SQL question
Author Alan McDonald
>It isn't clear from your statement where you are getting your parameter
>values from.

I'm using TIB_Query. I'm selecting the field linktojobsched in the select
statement and IBO is kindly building me an update statement which includes
linktojobsched = :linktojobsched

Now I want to edit this update statement in the UpdateSQL window to include
the same parameter a second time so it says
update table set
, linktojobsched = :linktojobsched
, anotherfield = :linktojobsched
where etc...

Unfortunately, the first field gets updated correctly but the second gets a
null. I was just hoping that the second would get the same parameter
assignment, but it doesn't. I suspect the engine in this really since the
statement is passed with parameter markers and then the parameters are
passed and the first match is successful - the second match is not found or

where (what event) might be a place to assign a linktojobsched2 parameter