Subject lookupCombo in Grid, strange behaviour
Author scronkey
Hi there,

I asked this question a couple of days ago, but maybe I confused
anyone who read it, as I got confused writing it!!

When I change the value of a field in a grid (in code, not through
GUI), which is linked to a lookupCombo, the combo is showing
inconsistent results until something gets refreshed.

I say "something" because if I refresh the query attached to the
grid, the correct results are shown, or if I refresh the grid
itself, the correct results are shown. This I can deal with, but my
problem is that if I refresh either of these, the grid loses its

I don't understand why the grid loses focus from a simple refresh.

It's like the tab-order gets restarted, as the field with the focus
after refreshing is the first object in the tab order list.
This is a nuisance, because the user will not have completed
entering data into the grid, when the focus leaves the grid.

Something to note though, is that if I hit the F5 key, the grid is
refreshed properly (lookupCombo showing correct data) AND the grid
keeps it's focus.

Is there a way in code to simulate a simple F5 refresh? (Calling
TIB_Grid.Refresh does work, but the grid loses focus)

This is very strange behaviour which I am struggling to understand.