Subject Re: [IBO] Still little problems
Author Jason Wharton
I'm not really absent, perhaps just a little absent minded.
I've followed this thread but for some reason I am not getting any insight
to offer for it.

I'm wondering if he should send me a sample app to look at?

Would it be possible at least to get a summary of the issue here?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Still little problems

> >>Just to prove a point, what happens if you remove the
> >>IB_Edit that is attached to DESCRIPTION
> >
> > first, I have tried to simply detach the TIB_Edit from the table and
> > the result has been the same. Then, I have physically removed the
> > TIB_Edit from the form and the result has been the same.
> >
> > I haven't any other ideas <g> but anyway, this proves that the
> > TIB_Edit is not the culprit. Maybe the TIB_Grid?
> OK. In the absence of any feedback from Jason. How about
> trying "DESCRIPTION = NULL" (properly coded<g>) in the
> BeforePost event of the Query. THAT should appear when
> monitoring the Post, and give an error.
> I'm clutching at straws as I can't see a problem here, but
> from what you are finding, I am sure SOMETHING is replacing
> the NULL with a blank string, and hence your difficulty.
> When I get to that stage, I tend to work around the problem
> rather than relying on the bit that should work and does not
> - usually simple Windows functions <g>
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