Subject Re: [IBO] Still little problems
Author Jason Wharton
BlankIsNull only comes into effect when a blank value is being assigned to
the column.

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Still little problems

> >>You can set that field property(BlankIsNull)
> >>in TIB_Query, via the query editor.
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> > As you can see there are no much differences... <g> And, NOT. There is
> > no default value for field DESCRIPTION.
> Just to prove a point, what happens if you remove the
> IB_Edit that is attached to DESCRIPTION, so that it is only
> seeing stuff from the query itself?
> I am sure something is not quite right, but I am getting the
> correct error from a older IB_Grid setup. I think we need a
> little insight from JAson really <g>
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