Subject RE: [IBO] IB_ComboBox
Author Alan McDonald
oh and the other thing is the IBComboBox ends up visible on the grid in the
design position at first - when you click on the grid it pops into position
(or disappears if it shouldn't be visible) Anyone know how to make it

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Subject: [IBO] IB_ComboBox

Does anyone know how to make a IB_ComboBox look the same as an
IB_LookupCombo when it's being used in the grid?
The IB_LookupCombo appears nice and flat but the IB_ComboBox is 3D and does
not match the row size as well as the other one. Nor dos it look the same
when you have both on the one grid.
I've tried all the properties I think, border, style etc. but it alsway
slooks different.
any ideas?

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