Subject Re: [IBO] FBclient.dll
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:20 AM 11/03/2003 +1030, you wrote:
>Jason Wharton wrote:
> >
> > No, you just change it in code, compile the app and deploy.
> >
>Wish: make this a run-time thing so that the app reads it from an ini file.
>Then a single app could be deployed to both IB and FB installations
>without having to re-build the
>app; or make it possible to use a command-line parameter.
>This won't affect me, but I can envisage others needing it once FB 1.6

Personally, I abhor the idea of changing architecturally how the
application finds its client. It would break all existing applications. I
like the dedicated unit solution much better for a no-harm solution. There
is no reason why this unit can't be made to handle a parameter and
conditionals while retaining the default for backward compatibility. It's
more Delphi-like and simpler for deployment; and it's a no-brainer you can
code yourself without waiting for a major IBO release.

Note that this issue extends beyond Delphi/Windows. Currently in IBO-K I
have the shared object library hard-coded with IFDEFs (not using the extra
unit). Even though IBO Delphi won't be moving to clx until the Windows
support in clx improves (sometime? never?) it's still our aim to maintain a
common codebase, with conditional clx/vcl defines, for the non-visual stuff
for as long as possible.