Subject StretchColumn does not work properly
Author Florian Hector
I have a TIB_Grid with 3 columns, in GridLinks the colums are set to a width
of 80,80 and 50. The grid itself sits in a panel and has a width of 289,
Align is alClient.
When I now run the app., there is some unused space left between the
rightmost column and the right side of the grid, so far no problem.
However, when I assign StretchColumn property to my first column and
ListBoxStyle true, at designtime this first column is streched so that
the combined width of all three columns fill the grid. But when the app is
started and the vertical scrollbar comes into play, the widht of the first
column does not change so that I have to use the horizontal scrollbar to
fully see the last column.

Is there anything left I have to set?