Subject Re: [IBO] Plans for IBO Help file ....?
Author Raymond Kennington
"Bjørge Sæther" wrote:
> I'm not used to needing a "Getting Started Guide", and if it *is* necessary,
> it should be bundled with the product.

The GSG is probably separate because

1. it is not needed with each new subscription; and
2. it is paid for out of different funds.
3. it is like a 3rd-party book.

I bought it and was happy to have spent the money.

It took me about 2 weeks to work through it and provide feedback and resolve questions.

> An introduction to IBO should start with something like: "To be happy with
> IBO, you need to think differently from what you're used to. Some of the
> differences stems from IB architecture "pecualiarities", while the rest of
> it has to do with a somewhat different philosophy on working with database
> applications.

There is so much that is different, that the GSG is a wonderful addition.

You'll save money by purchasing a copy.

Raymond Kennington
Programming Solutions
W2W Team B