Subject TIB_Date questions
Author scronkey
Hi there,

I have two questions:
A) When the focus is in an IB_Date component, and the space is
pressed, todays date comes up, but when I step off the component I
get an error "07/Mar/2003" is an invalid date. I obviously have my
Control Panel date settings to dd/mmm/yyyy, so I can understand
this, but when I drop down the component and select some date, say
01/May/2002, and step off the component, no error occurs. Yet this
clearly has the mmm part as well.
This seems like an incopsistency to me, which doesn't make sense.
I would really like the space=now option, and also keep my
dd/mmm/yyyy format.
Any ideas?

B) I have many many date fields throughout my app, and want to
centralise the edit mask, which I have just read I can do with the
IB_Connection component using the FieldEntryType, but I don't quite
understand how to do this.
Do I need to change all my DATE fields to a domain based on the DATE