Subject Re: [IBO] Plans for IBO Help file ....?
Author Jason Wharton
> Now I wonder: Why isn't IBO help file complete, or anything *near*

Because I have not completed it yet. I acknowledge there is more work that
can be done in it and you are invited to take part in the generation of
them. Is all that is necessary is you use the tags in the source code that
my help file generation tool reads and constructs the help file from. Let me
know if you are interested. I always appreciate what people are committed to
behind their complaints.

> I mean, this is a commercial product, right ?

Not exactly. It is a trustware product which has a commercial aspect to it
but it also has an open-source'ish aspect to it as well. The vast majority
of people who use IBO do so for free, at least initially. Thus, I feel it is
fine if I ask for those out in the community who can and have the drive to
make some investment in IBO by contributing to it as they are able.

> I don't know how many extra
> hours I've been spending because of the poor help file, and someone does
> actually pay for this. Either me & my family or my customers.
> And I don't mean *tutorials*, I mean *documentation*: "What does this
> property affect, and how ?" - and - when an explainatory text isn't easily
> written, an example or two.

This is a general rule to apply. If you aren't sure what it does, ignore it.

Property default values are designed to have normal industry standard
behavior. If you are confronting challenges on a creativity basis, like how
do I get IBO to do this in the most efficient way, that's when we invite you
to come to this list and partake of the best kind of documentation one could
wish for. Generous experts willing to share their insights and skills.

I also highly recommend you take some time in the sample applications. They
are a living example of how an IBO application can be put together. Agreed
they aren't ideal for some things they are effective at demonstrating all of
the basic and core usages. This is the next best type of assistance when
looking to give your software generation creativity some additional fluency.

Now, if you are comfortable with all of the above strategies then the help
file is probably filled with useful information where these are
insufficient. Put another way, I've put in the help file that which I
generally expect to find. I don't use them all that much when I am using
others components. I just go to their sources, the best documentation one
could ask for.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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