Subject RE: [IBO] incorrect values within sqlda structure
Author Franky Brandt
Found Jason's solution online, seems to work fine indeed :)

Check the timestamp on the GDS32.DLL on your workstation. If it doesn't
match the server you are connecting to you will have problems.
This has caused me no end of frustration since I frequently have to
bounce between versions of InterBase.
(Jason Wharton)

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Van: Franky Brandt
Verzonden: woensdag 31 december 2003 9:02
Onderwerp: [IBO] incorrect values within sqlda structure


I'm doing tests to go from Ib 5.6 to ib 6.01, the applications are built
in Delphi 7 using ibo 4.2.I
While testing the applications on the converted database, which is in
dialect 3 now i get the error 'incorrect values within sqlda structure'
when i do a Insert on a query.
There are no oninsert or onnewrecord events.
The error doesn't occur if i connect to the ib 5.6 server, dialect 1 and
also doesn't occur when i use a converted to ib6 database on dialect 1.
The sql of the T_IBQuery is simple: SELECT * FROM PLANNINGSITEMS where
PL_DATUM=:dag for update
One parameter which is a TimeStamp.
First i suspected the 'dag' parameter since there's a difference in
Date; Time & TimeStamp types between ib 5.6 & ib 6 but then the error
would occur when i open the query too i think and it doesn't.

Any ideas?


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