Subject Re: [IBO] Poor Performance of Large Datasets
Author Luiz
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Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2003 8:38 PM
Subject: [IBO] Poor Performance of Large Datasets

> I was reading in the Connectivity Guide that IBO supports large
> record sets better than the BDE, and that it can do this with a
> number of mechanisms such as server side queries and buffering.

Yes, It does very well, but comparing with tquery of the BDE and not ttable
acessing desktop database as paradox, dbase .....

> I have a very large BDE application that I wish to migrate to
> Firebird (from Interbase 5.6), and get rid of the BDE. In this case
> I need to use the Dataset descendants as rewriting the application is
> not an option. In some screens I have a fairly large amount of data
> (5000 to 15000 records, and yes I know it is against Client/Server
> design principles, but this is a legacy system), and at present it is
> slower for these large datasets than the BDE.
> I use Schema Caching and this creates the files only once. Are there
> any other Pointers.
You need still limit the amount of data you select from server.