Subject RE: [IBO] Generating Tables using ERwin
Author Miles Dymott
Hi Gulut,

I also haven't used Erwin for a while, but generally you need to install
an odbc driver for Interbase/Firebird and then setup an odbc datasource
pointing to your blank database. Try ibphoenix for a free driver.
Connect to the database from within Erwin and then forward engineer.



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Sent: Wednesday, 29 October 2003 4:22 PM
Subject: [IBO] Generating Tables using ERwin

Hello Everyone,

I have an empty database 'MyIB' (no tables yet),

I use ERwin 4.0 to design my data model,
I've choosen Interbase as database target.

What shoul i do to generate the tables to 'MyIB' database, because
'MyIB' database doesn't show up in the database drop down

please help

Best regards,
Gulut mailto:gulut_bitono@...

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