Subject Poor Performance of Large Datasets
Author aldushuxley_29
I was reading in the Connectivity Guide that IBO supports large
record sets better than the BDE, and that it can do this with a
number of mechanisms such as server side queries and buffering.

I have a very large BDE application that I wish to migrate to
Firebird (from Interbase 5.6), and get rid of the BDE. In this case
I need to use the Dataset descendants as rewriting the application is
not an option. In some screens I have a fairly large amount of data
(5000 to 15000 records, and yes I know it is against Client/Server
design principles, but this is a legacy system), and at present it is
slower for these large datasets than the BDE.

I use Schema Caching and this creates the files only once. Are there
any other Pointers.