Subject IBO / Firebird1.5 can't work with remote DB
Author abedna2000
Hello everyone,

I just subscribed because it seems I need a little help.

Using TDataset Data Access components from latest IBObjects
evaluation pack and Firebird 1.5 RC6 database, I try to work with
database located and running on remote computer. Both machines are
WinXP Pro, I'm using Delphi 4.

I can explore the remote database with IBExpert without problems.

With my app using IBObjects I'm a bit confused because I am able
to 'Open' the database, I'm able to access one of the tables
named 'ADMINS', examine a zero record count and Close the table

Then trying to open another table 'UNITS' I get this message
immediately on IBOTable.Open.

ISC ERROR CODE:335544721
ISC ERROR MESSAGE: Unable to complete network request to
host "andris".
Error writing data to the connection.
Application didn't call WSAStartup, or WSAStartup was not succesfull.
STATEMENT: TIBOInternalDataset: "<TApplication>

(I translated a piece from Czech language, hope it's ok).

TIBOTable and TIBODatabase are used.
I set TIBODatabase fields for remote access as follows:

Protocol := cpTCP_IP;
DatabaseName := 'C:\MyApp\data.fdb' //=datapath as valid on the
remote machine locally
Server := 'andris';

IBOTables have their IB_Connection set to my IBODatabase (the only
in the app).

fbserver.exe running on "andris", fb_inet_server.exe running on the
client machine. Btw. acessing a local database works OK.

Am I doing something wrong?

Please help if you know.