Subject Re: [IBO] IBO / Firebird1.5 can't work with remote DB
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:43 AM 23/10/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>I just subscribed because it seems I need a little help.
>Using TDataset Data Access components from latest IBObjects
>evaluation pack and Firebird 1.5 RC6 database, I try to work with
>database located and running on remote computer. Both machines are
>WinXP Pro, I'm using Delphi 4.
>I can explore the remote database with IBExpert without problems.
>With my app using IBObjects I'm a bit confused because I am able
>to 'Open' the database, I'm able to access one of the tables
>named 'ADMINS', examine a zero record count and Close the table
>Then trying to open another table 'UNITS' I get this message
>immediately on IBOTable.Open.
>ISC ERROR CODE:335544721
>ISC ERROR MESSAGE: Unable to complete network request to
>host "andris".
>Error writing data to the connection.
>Application didn't call WSAStartup, or WSAStartup was not succesfull.
>STATEMENT: TIBOInternalDataset: "<TApplication>
>(I translated a piece from Czech language, hope it's ok).
>TIBOTable and TIBODatabase are used.
>I set TIBODatabase fields for remote access as follows:
>Protocol := cpTCP_IP;
>DatabaseName := 'C:\MyApp\data.fdb' //=datapath as valid on the
>remote machine locally
>Server := 'andris';
>IBOTables have their IB_Connection set to my IBODatabase (the only
>in the app).
>fbserver.exe running on "andris", fb_inet_server.exe running on the
>client machine. Btw. acessing a local database works OK.
>Am I doing something wrong?

You certainly are doing something wrong. fb_inet_server.exe is the
__server executable__ for the Classic server. The client doesn't use
this. You need the two files gds32.dll and fbclient.dll. Copy them into
the system directory of the client after renaming or otherwise disabling
any gds32.dll that is already there. As an alternative, if you don't want
to disable an existing gds32.dll, you can put the two Firebird client
libraries into the same directory as your application's executable.

Better still, run the installer on the client machine and choose
"client-only install" and then you will get the right pieces.

Latest version available from (right-click to download)