Subject RE: [IBO] Printing - OT
Author Rhett Rodewald
On Thu, 23 Oct 2003 04:16:26 +0000 (UTC), james_027 <james_027@...>

> Iam sorry for posting this here ... but I just want to know do you
> guys do the printing in a dot matrix printer in text mode in win32
> enviroment thanks.
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Your question is off topic here, but I hope this helps. The secrect is to
pass the string "RAW" in the pDataType field of the printer's DocInfo
structure when you start the job. This seems to be a super-secrect option
-- The MS "recommended" way seems to involve using the "passthru" option
-- which is unsupported on many (most?) printer drivers. The
"TRAWPrinter" is what you want. I've found multi-megabyte big $$$ text
printing "solutions" for windows, but this little gem is all you really
need. It allows you to send control codes (even chr(0)'s) as well as
normal text. It seems to work equally well with networked printers. I've
used this for years with some Epson and Okidata dot-matrix printers to
print text and PostNet barcodes as well as for a text-only line printer.
(all networked) Good Luck,


Download TRAWprinter (freeware w/ source) from: