Subject TIB_Grid and fetching records
Author Ales Kahanek
could you confirm me the following question? I open TIB_Query and the
data is diplayed in a TIB_Grid. TIB_Query fetches only those records
that are displayed in the grid (or some more records but not all) - the
AutoFetchAll property is set to false.

Is it right?

Why I am asking: I am considering to use the DevExpress QuantumGrid 5
which can work in Unbound or Provider mode and I think that this could
be used together with the TIB_Query (after some tweaking). I do not want
use TIBO_Query. But I think that with the QuantumGrid I will have to set
AutoFetchAll=true and I suspect that this can have unwanted influence
to the performance/responsivness.

Does anybody have some experience with QuantumGrid and TIBO_Query with
AutoFetchAll on heavy load with lots of records?

Any hints appreciated.
Ales Kahanek