Subject Compatibility with TurboSync
Author rogervellacott
Has anybody had any experience with TurboSync and IBObjects?

TurboSync is a set of Delphi components for creating data conduit
dlls for transferring data to and from Palm devices.(See

The dll is registered with Palm's HotSync program and is called
whenever the Palm device is docked.

Putting Borland data access components into the DLL works ok.

IBO components compile OK, but give a runtime error 217 as soon as
the dll is loaded. The odd thing is that removing the component, and
removing all references to the component, does not fix the problem.
You have to remove the IB_Components unit from the uses clause. Then
it works again.

What happens in the unit as the dll is called which could cause an
error even if no IB components are created?


Roger Vellacott